Rarely, as a store owner, do I have the good fortune to work with someone so personable, so talented at what she does, and so trustworthy. Irene makes my own job easy! I completely rely on her guidance when it comes to selecting the best merchandise for my customers, and she has never steered me in the wrong direction. I am constantly excited to see her latest finds and newest arrivals, and her enthusiasm for what she does makes the process of buying so much fun.
— Lisa from Love Your Body
Working with Irene has been an absolute pleasure. She’s one of the most passionate people I know and it shows in her work ethic. She thoroughly enjoys what she does and represents each of her lines with such enthusiasm. She knows my needs as her customer and always steers me in the right direction when it comes to products. So lucky to have found her...an outstanding rep and now a great friend as well.
— Susan from Wantable

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“Working with Irene and her team is nothing short of a fun, pleasurable experience! The ease of ordering, accessing line sheets both in person and online as well as physical samples and connecting on a one-on-one level with a brand rep is everything I asked of them and more. The newest, edgy and stylish trends in the lines they offer keep our inventory on a healthy rotation, engaging our membership in the retail buying experience. I have had multiple compliments on our lines we carry, mostly in thanks to Irene and Positively Ewe!” –Jessica Herrick, Spa Manager for BIGHORN Spa & Wellness Center


Jessica Herrick

Spa & Wellness Manager



I met Irene via telephone after receiving her number from my boss, store owner, John White. He was confident that she could help me in our new endeavor of opening a Yoga and activewear store. I called her and immediately felt like I’d known her for years with her warm and welcoming demeanor. We talked for an hour and she guided me in the right direction and when I saw her in Las Vegas at Magic, we embraced like long lost friends!! Irene has been a gift to me and our business as we prepare to open out doors in the coming weeks. Her knowledge of her product lines, the industry and customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced in the business world. I look forward to working with Irene for many years to come. Namaste.
— Brandy from Ball Ball
Postively Ewe carries lines that my customers love. Dealing with Irene is like dealing with a friend who has my back. She has not led me to buy anything that does not sale in my Boutique and her lines are sold at a good price point. The shipments come in complete and the merchandise is easy to display to sale. Very easy to re-order.
— Gretchen from the Yoga Garden
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We love working with Irene. She has a great eye for new brands and as a yogi herself is really knowledgeable about the quality and functionality of the products she represents. We know we can rely on her to bring us new and interesting lines and to fill orders and reorders quickly. She is a big asset to the brands she represents!
— Jen from Juja Active
We love being a maternity boutique, but we have such a passion for fitness too. We knew we wanted to expand into fitness apparel and had been making small steps towards that direction. We also knew that we needed to find a brand(s) that worked for our town and in our price point. As soon as we walked up to the Positively Ewe booth Irene’s energy made us feel so comfortable. She knew her stuff and knew what the customers would really like this season with layering, colors, styles... We walked away with new orders placed for the store, and thanking God that He led us to Irene that day!!
— Malerie from If the Crown Fits